is this for Pangako sayo? i Bet.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older?
Then we wouldn’t have to wait so long
And wouldn’t it be nice to live together
In the kind of world where we belong

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Day 7 ▶ Alternative Universe/ Song Lyrics:

DJ falls in love with Kath— someone who’s suicidal and has lost hope in life. Kath attempts to end her life a lot of times, but fails every time because DJ’s always there to protect and save her. As Kath falls in love with him, she also learns to love herself, appreciate life and overcome her doubts and fear.

The 8-track playlist all relate to the AU, mostly in DJ’s POV, if lyrics are given close attention. (x)

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Making MEGA in South Africa: The Queen
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Day 6, September 5: "I can’t breathe" or Yuanfen (緣分)

  • "I can’t breathe": please interpret it any way you like :)
  • Yuanfen (緣分): a chinese word for a relationship by fate or destiny; the binding force between two people
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Day 6: "I can’t breathe"/Yuanfe

i can’t breathe because kailan niyo ba balak ituloy yan??!

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Day 6  I can’t breathe:

How the original plot of SDTG ended:

A year after Athena Dizon passed away, Kenji received a video tape containing a recorded video taken by Athena herself, days before she died. In the video, Athena asks Kenji to be happy and that he should not worry about her. Athena breaks down in the later part of the video, expressing how much it saddens her to be away from him. But she promised Kenji that she will wait— she will wait no matter how long.

Not wanting to prolong Athena’s agony and longing, Kenji decides to commit suicide, in the hope that they will meet each other in the afterlife. Similarly, Kenji made a suicide note through a pre-recorded video explaining why he’s going to end his life. The story ends with Kenji uttering his last words, "Athena, I love you…this much." 

Kenji used to say that 'I can't breathe' is his way of saying 'I love you'. In a similar manner, he said how much he loves Athena as he took his last breath.

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KathNiel Week

Day 5, September 4: 3 Years down forever to go.

  • "One True Pairing" is abbreviated as OTP — it is the sole or primary pairing someone is interested in for a given fandom. Someone with an OTP may have little or no interest in reading or creating fanworks for other pairings, although they may still be interested in reading/producing gen. Fans who do read or create fanworks for multiple pairings in a single fandom may or may not have an OTP; if they do, they may describe their favorite pairing as their OTP.

Special thank you to knography for this post {x}. 

Inspiration {x}

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Kathniel Week #2 | Day 5 → 3 Year Anniversary
Here’s to many more.
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3 years in this ship. I would never get tired of it.

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kathniel week; day one.

ctwch: a warm, affectionate hug, cuddle, or snuggle that gives a feeling of a safe place or home

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#kathnielweek Day 2: Selfie

1,2,3 Selfie! Then and Now.

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Day 5: 3 Years

Happy 3rd anniversary KathNiel and KathNiels! stay strong and steady ♥

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#KathNielWeek > Day 5 > 3 Years

"Cheers to 3 years. Cheers to forever."

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